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Renata’s expertise is working with color, either to develop a new look or correct color through her extensive color correction experience.  Renata uses the highest quality colors with a gentler formula. As a result, hair is less damaged and not as prone to breakage. Whether you want a single process, highlights, or corrective color; the end result can complement your natural colors or give you a completely new look.

Hair Styling

As a perfect complement to her coloring expertise, Renata has over 20 years’ of hair styling experience and will perfect any style desired. Equipped with the knowledge on various hairstyles, Renata can create a beautiful up do for a special occasion or a simple blowout that is perfect for a more casual look.



Renata Lassander

Renata Lassander first began working with hair in Poland studying and gaining experience from one of the best colorists in the country. Once in New York, she continued her passion and has worked for some of the industry’s most influential and sought-after colorist and stylists. Renata’s goal is to take all of her expertise and offer her clients the best. To ensure amazing results Renata is equipped with the latest haircut and style techniques, and only uses high-quality formula products and colors to guarantee healthy and luscious hair. 


Hair Cut

Different types of haircuts can frame faces very differently, and Renata understands how important it is to find the best cut for you. Whether you are looking for a classic bob, sleek long layers, or anything in between; you will achieve your best look here.

Hair Treatment

Renata believes that your hair is an extension of your skin and should be treated as such. The condition and health of your hair is very important. With a variety of moisturizing masks and revitalizing scalp treatments, you and your hair will leave feeling better than ever.